Comry Diesel Fuel Injection Systems Parts Co.Ltd is located on the beautiful Taihu Lake,nearby Suzhou and Shanghai on the east ,border on Changzhou and Nanjing on the west,close to the Grand Canal and the Expressway from Shanghai to Nanjing. Jianghai road goes through Wuxi airport. It is only 5 kms to railway station and urban.

Comry specializes on the diesel fuel injection systems,parts and products.The main products include kinds of pumps, injectors ,pump elements,delivery valves,nozzles and single plunger pumps, Common Rail Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench and Common Rail Injector Tester .

Comry has its own base of manufacture and processing,first- rate equipment and products.The aim of Comry is to supply the quality products and best service always.Welcome to Comry and you will get whatever you want.Let’s create bright future together.

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