Common Rail Injector Tester

Common rail tester model is special for performance testing of high-pressure common rail injector assembly. It applies the BOSCH common rail pump, offering 0~2000 bar of rail pressure, which testing injectors for main producers, including BOSCH, SIEMENS, DELPHI, DENSO.

Common rail injector testor CRT-2000
1.Main motor drive applies the frequency change to adjust speed.
2.Installed BOSCH common rail and CP3.3 pump to provide 0~ 2000 bar of rail pressure.
3.Drive signal percentage can be controlled.
4.Protection function for short-circuit.
5.Real-time rail pressure can be tested, contains the high-pressure protection function.
6.Adjustable pulse width and frequency of injector drive signal.
7.Custom and Injector injection stat.(Pulse width,frequency,high pressure to be free set).
There are 500-600 group data of Bosch ,Deson, Delphi on the database.

1. Testing the max. fuel quantity and backflow of common rail injector in the full load.
2. Testing the fuel quantity and backflow of common rail injector in the Idle.
3. Testing the cranking fuel quantity of common rail injector.
4. Testing elecctromagnetic of common rail injector working or not.
5. Testing the sealing of common rail injector.
6.Checking the sprary of common rail injector.
7. High pressure (1600bar )washing of common rail injector.

Commom Rail Pump
& Injector Testbanch
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